Acousma Light CD, DL released by gk rec.01  Lithuania 2018
2014 DL  released by attenuation circuit, ACP 1101 , Germany,  2017
Under my skin  DL, cassette  released by Crónica 124  2017 Portugal
Dimensions CD released by Frozen Light label FZL 042 Russia 2016
Low  CD released by Opa Loka Records ‎ OL16008 Germany 2016
Lives DL album   2016
Message in a Bottle  CD released by Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre ‎ MICL087  2015
Love Is Love  DL bandcamp 2015
i will tell you 3 things / an easy listening album DL  bandcamp 2015
Minerva or Anything Goes DL  released by No Type + Panospria  pan086 Canada 2014
Blind Man Tales CD released by Bôłt Records bandcamp BR 1024 Poland 2014
pOpXEnA  by  attenuation circuit ACA 1004 CDR + DL  Germany 2014
Nota Demo by Creative Sources Recordings  cs244 CD Portugal Bandcamp 2013
works 2006-2008 Live performances from 2006-2008 DL bandcamp 2013
ffff  recorded at 2005 DL bandcamp 2013
Greit by Ilse‎ ILCD001 CD 2013 USA
Slow  by Baskaru karu:22 CD (digipak) 2013 France
peciusd by reductive  on Audio Arts Series.   2013 Spain
Gintas K cassette Copy ForYour Records  bandcamp CFYRT03 2012 US
The live that never have been played live SD07 skyndo bandcamp 2011
So On  Crónica 054~2010  2010
Lovely Banalities CD Crónica 040~2009 2009
Frozen Time FLAC m/OAR  moar.p33 bandcamp USA 2009
13 TRACKS CD digipack  Percepts percepts03 USA 2007
Elementary Particles   CDR3″ mini album  Retinascan bandcamp RE340 2007 Germany
Jamaika mp3  Picomedia pmact 8 bandcamp France 2006
Lengvai / 60 x one minute audio colours of 2kHz sound 2CD Cronica 024~2006 Portugal
titled#  Retina Scan #41 bandcamp 2004 CDR Germany 
Taip Taip  Zeromoon zero019-R. bandcamp CDR3′ 2004 USA          
////    Retina Scan #23 bandcamp  2003 CDR Germany                
without out [live @ garso zona 2003] bandcamp srfc002 mp3 Surfaces Netlabel  2003
o)o(o   Black Orchid #35 bandcamp CDR Slovakia 2003